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The Greatest Line Combinations in Philadelphia Flyers History

"Crazy 8's" 
The Crazy 8's were a Philadelphia Flyers offensive line combination comprised of Mark Recchi, Eric Lindros and Brent Fedyk. The trio was active between the years 1992 and 1995 and they were awesome! Mark Recchi had his two best seasons as a pro during this era with back-to-back 100 point seasons with 123 and 107 respectively. In total, the line tallied a combined 586 points in just over 3 seasons and was one of the most dominant lines in the entire NHL during that period. After all, you usually have to be a pretty good line to get a nickname. It is kind of a prerequisite. And boy were they good!
Mark Recchi - #8
Eric Lindros - #88
Brent Fedyk - #18

"The Legion of Doom"

The Legion of Doom was a Philadelphia Flyers offensive unit comprised of John LeClair, Eric Lindros and Mikael Renberg that kicked NHL ass in the mid 90's with their scoring ability and their physical play. They were absolutely awesome. The trio combined to register 666 points during their time together and were the driving force behind the Philadelphia Flyers run to the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals, a series they ultimately lost to the Detroit Red Wings in just four games.
John LeClair - #10

Eric Lindros - #88

Mikael Renberg - #19

"The LCB Line"

The LCB line is one of the greatest line combinations in NHL history. The Philadelphia Flyers top offensive trio was comprised of hockey legends Bobby Clarke, Bill Barber and Reggie Leach. They were active linemates from 1974-1981. During their epic run the Flyers won two Stanley Cups (1974 and 1975), Bobby Clarke won the Hart Trophy and the three players set an NHL record with a combined 141 goals in a season. Leach had 61, Bill Barber had 50 and Bobby Clarke had 30. Although I grew up watching the Legion of Doom and was a HUGE fan during that era, the L-C-B line is the best line in Philadelphia Flyers history.
Bobby Clarke - #16

Reggie Leach - #27

Bill Barber - #7

I pray a future (or current) Philadelphia Flyers line can get added to this list soon! Also, there have been so many other great Flyers line combinations through the years. A couple that deserve to be mentioned are the line of Danny Briere, Scott Hartnell and Ville Leino, a.k.a. "The Redemtion Line" and the line in the 1980's of Brian Propp, Ron Flockhart and Ray Allison. If you can think of some other great Philadelphia Flyers lines let us know! That's all for now...LETS GO FLYERS!!!

by Ryan W. Hughes

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Win or Lose, Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright Deserves a Ton of Credit

Villanova, a small school in suburban Philadelphia, has become a household name largely due to one man; Jay Wright. As head coach of The Villanova Men's Basketball team since 2001, Jay Wright as made the Villanova Wildcats a fixture in NCAA top 25 rankings and a perennial participant in March Madness, college basketballs ultimate springtime tournament. 
Here is a year by year breakdown of Villanova's season finishes since 2001 when Jay Wright took the reins.
2001-2004: NIT Tournament
Then, after three years, Jay Wright's stamp on the program becomes evident.

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